Air Stripping Technology and Groundwater Remediation

Air stripping has a big benefit on groundwater remediation

Groundwater is water that is found below ground. During rainfall, rivers, ponds and streams absorb some of the water. Plants also take a portion of the water and the remaining water seeps into the ground and eventually becomes groundwater. In any industrial setup there is contaminated water that is produced. To prevent groundwater from being contaminated with dangerous chemicals, air stripping is used to remove the contaminants.

Importance of Groundwater

Since groundwater is below ground and chances of us interacting with it are low compared to rivers, ponds, lakes and streams. Does anyone think it is less important? The truth is it is very important to preserve the integrity of groundwater. Here is why.

Drinking Water Source

Drinking water can benefit from air strippingMost of the drinking water in the US is from groundwater sources. In rural areas, around 99% is sourced from groundwater. This is a significant amount. While this number may be smaller in cities, the sum total of drinking water coming from groundwater sources is still 51%. If these finite sources of drinking water were to become contaminated, we would have a health and environmental crises of tremendous proportions. We need to ensure that our children and their children’s children will still enjoy these precious water sources.

Agricultural Water Source

Farms can benefit from air stripping

Around 64% of the water used for agricultural purposes is harnessed from groundwater sources. This has a significant impact on the survival of the country. Contaminated groundwater may produce unhealthy crops unfit for human consumption.

Surface Water Relies on Groundwater

Our streams, lakes, and rivers can benefit from air strippingIt is a no brainer that surface water from wetlands, lakes, swamps and rivers need to be replenished during times of drought. If groundwater is available, it mitigates the need to overly rely on these surface water sources. Moreover, groundwater is used to recharge these vital ecosystems.

Air Stripping Technology

Air stripping technology is designed to remove 99.9% of chemicals that cause groundwater contamination. Contaminated water is allowed to enter through the top of the air stripper. Millions of air bubbles are then forced by a blower pressure through perforated trays. This vigorously aerates the water to froth and in the process removes volatile organic chemicals or VOCs as gravity pulls the water down through each tray.

Air stripping is cost effective and practical. It negates the need of having to transport the contaminated water to a treatment facility for decontamination. It is cost effective and is available in a number of different sizes to suit the scenario.…

Factors That Influence The Price In A Tattoo Shop

When it comes to tattoos one must realize that good tattoos are not cheap while cheap tattoos are not good. Over 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo and of those tattooed around 2 out of 10 have 6 or more ink on their bodies. Women also are more likely to get tattooed than men. With all the love for tattooing these days you might think what are the factors that influence pricing in a tattoo shop? Here is an informative discussion on them.

Skills and Experience Of A Tattoo Shop Artist

A highly skilled tattoo shop artist can demand a hefty price


A tattoo shop like Katana Tattoo prices its tattoos based on the skills and experience of their resident artists. The quality of work speaks for itself. It is recommended to wait until you can afford the price being offered by an experienced tattoo artist rather than trying to haggle over the prices. Better keep in mind that getting inked on your skin requires no bargaining. Never go for cheaper alternatives when it comes to your body. The most important thing to consider when thinking of getting a tattoo done is the quality of services being offered.

Price Range

The more intricate the design, the tattoo shop artist can demand the price

Without a doubt the cost of getting a permanent tattoo is never cheap unless you opt to get a temporary one. If you want a laree tattoo on your body then get ready to bring out your checkbook because they can easily run to the thousands of dollars. This is especially true the more intricate and more specialized the design is. However, a typical tattoo can cost somewhere between $50 to $100 per hour of service. This basically means that a big tattoo will require more time and effort to complete and hence you will be charged more. Moreover, custom work can cost more with each tattoo costing as high as $250 per hour.

There are some tattoo shops that charge on a per project basis instead of the usual hourly rate. However, this can get real expensive if you only want a small stock flash work tattoo. Tattoo shops offer different minimum rates and it is vital that you have this information prior to requesting any service. Do visit your local tattoo shop first and request for a copy of their prices.

Tattoo Design

There are also tattoo shop artists that are only able to give the exact price once the specific tattoo is inked on your skin. Different tattoo design offer different rates and depending also on the level of skill and time needed to complete the project.


The two most important factors that influence pricing at tattoo shops include size and time needed to complete the project. It is always wise to set your expectations based on how intricate or complex the tattoo you want on your body.


A highly pigmented colored tattoo can be very expensive in a tattoo shopColor also is an important factor to consider in pricing of tattoos. Full-color tattoos require more ink and artistry to pull off and hence will cost more. It is important to note that you are not paying due to the colored pigment required but more importantly the time needed for the artist to complete the necessary shading on your body.…

Facts About Industrial Wastewater Systems

Industrial wastewater treatment is a kind of environmental remediation process that treats contaminated water from industrial sources for consumption, manufacturing or disposal into the sewage system. Each system varies depending on the needs of the facility but most of the technologies that make up the systems are the same. Here are some of the most in-demand industrial water treatment systems:

  1. Raw Water Treatment System
  2. Boiler Feed Water Treatment System
  3. Cooling Tower Water Treatment System
  4. Wastewater Treatment System

Raw Water Treatment Systems

Raw Water Treatment Systems


When we say raw water, we are referring to any untreated water that is seen in the natural environment. These can be rainwater, groundwater, lakes, rivers and wells. For industrial setups, raw water may be used for cooling, rinsing, product formulations, or even for human usage if correctly purified. Raw water treatment systems are used for pretreatment and optimization of the water source. The focus is on the improvement of production efficiency and process performance for a certain application. For instance, pretreating cooling tower/boiler feed water, process/production water and lastly water for drinking purposes. More often, raw water treatment concentrates on providing protection for downstream equipment from the effects of scaling, fouling, corrosion as well as other forms of wear and tear due to the presence of toxic contaminants in the water source. The process calls for the removal of suspended/colloidal silica, iron, water hardness and bacterial contamination.

Boiler Feed Water Treatment Systems

Raw Water Treatment Systems

This process involves removal of harmful impurities before admittance to the boiler and also for the control of acidity and conductivity of the water. A typical boiler feed water treatment setup is composed of a primary treatment and probably polishing depending on the amount of boiler pressure, steam and chemistry of the boiler feed including makeup of water.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems

This system is used for the protection of cooling tower components from damage caused by contaminants that are present in the feed water, circulation water and lastly blow down water. Some of the contaminants that the process removes are: silica, sulfates, TDS, TSS, biological materials, chlorides, iron and hardness. If left untreated, the cooling tower feed water can cause severe scaling, growth of bacteria, foul odor resulting in costly plant downtime, lessened productivity and high maintenance and equipment replacement expenses over time. It works by removing harmful impurities based on manufacturer recommendations for water quality requirements for the kind of cooling tower used.

Industrial Wastewater Systems

Industrial Wastewater Systems

This kind of system may be used to convert spent streams into an effluent that can be reused or discharged safely to the municipal treatment facility or the environment. An effective wastewater treatment system can prevent undue harm not only to the environment but also prevent diseases. The complexity of a wastewater treatment system will depend on compliance regulations and also the composition of your waste stream. The first step in the process is called clarification where metals, silica and other suspended solids are removed. This is followed by disinfection to remove harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is then followed by water softening to remove hardness. Sometimes special processes are used to specifically remove certain metals and organics contaminating the water. Finally, distribution for reuse or discharge to a local sewer or to the environment.…

How to Negotiate With Your Custom Homebuilder

A custom homebuilder project is within your reach

When it comes to discussing details of the home construction with a custom homebuilder, the focus should not start and end with the price tag for the project. You may also want to negotiate about payments to the home inspector as well as the closing costs. Keep in mind that everything in the deal is negotiable and the following items below show some helpful tips on how to negotiate with your homebuilder to save cost on your end.

Perform Some Research With Your Custom Homebuilder

First off you need to know how much the kind of home you want to construct with the prices of houses of the same type, size and location. Find out all you can about the details that will affect the price like quality of materials, presence of upgrades, energy efficient appliances and home features. All of these will affect the price of your project.

Always Remain Calm

Custom homebuilder looking at the floor planYou won’t do yourself any favors by getting stressed out and losing your temper in the middle of negotiations. It is vital to have a clinical approach by leaving all emotions at the door. This will allow you to focus on what items you really want and to allow the contractor the chance to explain his side. Whatever the outcome you should be calm enough to accept the results.

Go For The Little Perks

Everything should not focus on the final price tag, as there are other items in the house that you can negotiate without it being too much of a burden to the custom homebuilder. Try and negotiate for better lighting fixtures or better materials for the floor. Many builders such as Ironwood on Birdeye have different levels of amenities to offer for the higher prices but it is possible that you could squeeze one or a couple of perks that can be added to the price already agreed on.

Know The Best Time To Negotiate With Your Custom Homebuilder

A custom homebuilder beginning its projectIf you are thinking of getting a custom home built by a custom homebuilder like Ironwood Custom Builders, the best time to begin negotiations on the project would be during the start of the process or much earlier than that so as to be able to select as many items that you want. It is important to consider however that if you are not looking for the most customized home on the neighborhood, you could begin your negotiations when closer to completion by then the choices you will have can be very limited.

If you are not comfortable with doing negotiations, you can seek help from a real estate agent to do the haggling for you. They are pros and are more than knowledgeable to get what their clients want from contractors. Only deal with contractors that have the experience and reputation for the project.…

The Importance of Sharing the Same Religion in Christian Dating

Christian Dating Couple

Same Religion in Christian Dating

Dating brings together people from very diverse religions. Peoples’ faith can have a huge impact on their dating life. Dating
someone with the same religious beliefs as yours is beneficial in so many ways. Let’s try and catch the full picture below.


Many Christians practice the concept of tithing. A tithe is 10% of a person’s earnings that is given to the church. In addition to this, they also practice other concepts of giving such as offerings. When dating a person of a similar religious background, giving may not be an issue in the relationship. According to Christianity, to give is an act of worship in support of the ministry. Christians are asked to give with a joyful heart. Religiously in sync partners will, therefore, give joyfully in agreement. However, incongruence may arise when they hold strong theological or denominational differences. Such issues may lead to tumultuous giving, or not giving at all.


Dating During Holidays

Holidays are certainly days of celebration, togetherness, love, and peace. They are better enjoyed with a loved one. Sharing the same religion can make holidays easier to plan. For instance, on Christmas Day such a couple will find it very easy deciding to concentrate Christ’s birth. Their similar ideas give them a default agreement. However, it is not uncommon to find partners with different religious beliefs disagreeing over how to spend their holiday. For example, you may wish to spend a Christmas that is centered on the birth of Christ, but your better half may opt for a more contemporary way of celebration with Christmas trees and Santa.



If you are in a serious relationship or in search of someone to settle with, then the question of children must have crossed your mind one too many times. Raising your child is a joint effort between yourself and your future spouse. So, will the two of you be on
the same side when it comes to the principles you wish for your children have? The question is easily answered if you are seeing someone who shares your beliefs.

Additionally, raising a family with different beliefs may be confusing to the children. Some people argue that such scenarios are recommendable as they give children a choice. As much as this may be true, raising your kids with a strong spiritual heritage is
a great blessing to them, one that surpasses the latter’s thinking. Even if one of the parents is a participating believer while the other is an ambivalent one when it comes to spiritual activities such as going to church, such partners will unintentionally send a
contradicting message to the younger ones, making them uncertain or confused.


Many psychologists recommend dating someone with a similar faith as your own. Religion has brought harmony to the Christian dating life. Our ever busy schedules have made it difficult for Christians to meet fellow Christians on the dating scene. This is where has come in. It is a Christian dating site has not only introduced many Christians to their dating
partners but has also helped with connecting spouses. Remember, dating someone of a different faith is not a bad thing, but it will certainly be a difficult one.…

How Vaporizers can be Healthier than Smoking

Man Vaping

The debate between vaping and smoking has been a popular one in recent years. People want to know if vaping is actually better for you than smoking is. One of the only problems is that vaping hasn’t been as closely studied as smoking has since it is relatively new. But from what we do know about vaping so far we can assume that it is healthier for you than smoking a cigarette.


We all know that vaporizers aren’t completely chemical free but when compared to the average cigarette they have far less chemicals. Less chemicals means less stress on your body. The reason e-cigarettes have less chemicals than normal cigarettes is because they don’t burn like cigarettes do. Studies show that because of this vaping is 95% safer than your run of the mill cigarette.


Nicotine is the main argument against the use of e-cigarettes. Nicotine being a highly addictive substance is greatly frowned upon. Smoking cigarettes since they have a higher nicotine content are extremely addictive. The good thing about vaporizers is that they don’t have as much nicotine and aren’t as addictive. Some e-liquids or juice of vaporizers have the option of having nicotine in them. Otherwise you can get vape juice without any nicotine and you would just be inhaling flavored vapor. Even when the vaporizer does have nicotine in the e-liquid the amount in there doesn’t compare to the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. In fact some doctors recommend vaporizers instead of nicotine patches when somebody is trying to stop smoking.    

Quitting Cigarettes imageSide Effects

Everyone is aware of the side effects cigarettes have on a smoker. They reek of smoke, have yellow teeth, bad breath, and scratch “smoker voices”. A benefit of vaping is that it has none of these side effects. Depending on the flavor of your juice you might smell like mangos or creme brulee but you won’t smell of smoke. Vaping also doesn’t pose the same second hand smoke risk as cigarettes.

Health Issues

This is where the argument on whether vaping is better for you than smoking gets a little slippery. Smoking cigarettes and the health risks it poses has been studied for centuries but vaping hasn’t had that extensive long term research yet. What scientist have figured out so far is that vaporizers don’t put the same stress on your cells as cigarettes do. So far scientist also think that vaping doesn’t cause the same lung disease or heart problems.It’s the high amount of nicotine in the cigarettes that cause strain on heart arteries and causes fluid build up in the lungs. Since vaporizers only release vapor it does not have the same effect on your body.  


It’s important to remember that more studies are required to know the true effects vaping has on your body, but from what we do know so far it’s safe to assume that vaporizers are better for you. Vaporizers pose less health risk because of their lower count of nicotine and the fact they don’t burn. Smoking kills over six million people a year and in comparison to the little harm vaping does it’s easy to see how vaping is the better option for you.

Vaping is slowly replacing smoking since it is better for you, but since vaporizers aren’t as readily available as cigarettes it will continue to be a slow process. However many highly rated vaping devices are available today. The poor side effects of cigarettes are making them less appealing than vaporizers. Why would you want keep smoking cigarettes that cause yellow teeth and bad breath when you could have a flavorful vape that taste goods and doesn’t stain teeth?


The Benefits Of Opting For A Site That Would Provide You With Rich Content On Current News And Events

If you are an ardent reader of the technological news, then you must be the one who is always looking for a good website which gives you the required amount of news that you need to know to stay updated about the latest turnovers of the science of the modern era.

A Brief Overview Of The Most Recent News On Current Affairs

An excellent news website must also be able to provide you with the best news of the innovations and inventions, not only of the big, as well as the many small companies. You never know, which information will eventually prove to be handy for your eager curiosity about the latest ripened fruits of science. Checking websites which publish the news of the latest inventions and innovations will invariably give you the different edge from the rest of the geeks and tech freaks.

An In-Depth Insight Into The Current Trends

A website, rather a news website which carries the story and the details of the best tech giants of the world, with all the details of their upcoming ventures, is the one you must look for. It is needless to say that all of these tech giant   s create a lot of influence in the market and return the economy. 

There are hundreds of start-ups and well-established current affairs companies which are coming up with their latest inventions now and then, trying to create a niche in the rat-race.