Air stripping has a big benefit on groundwater remediation

Groundwater is water that is found below ground. During rainfall, rivers, ponds and streams absorb some of the water. Plants also take a portion of the water and the remaining water seeps into the ground and eventually becomes groundwater. In any industrial setup there is contaminated water that is produced. To prevent groundwater from being contaminated with dangerous chemicals, air stripping is used to remove the contaminants.

Importance of Groundwater

Since groundwater is below ground and chances of us interacting with it are low compared to rivers, ponds, lakes and streams. Does anyone think it is less important? The truth is it is very important to preserve the integrity of groundwater. Here is why.

Drinking Water Source

Drinking water can benefit from air strippingMost of the drinking water in the US is from groundwater sources. In rural areas, around 99% is sourced from groundwater. This is a significant amount. While this number may be smaller in cities, the sum total of drinking water coming from groundwater sources is still 51%. If these finite sources of drinking water were to become contaminated, we would have a health and environmental crises of tremendous proportions. We need to ensure that our children and their children’s children will still enjoy these precious water sources.

Agricultural Water Source

Farms can benefit from air stripping

Around 64% of the water used for agricultural purposes is harnessed from groundwater sources. This has a significant impact on the survival of the country. Contaminated groundwater may produce unhealthy crops unfit for human consumption.

Surface Water Relies on Groundwater

Our streams, lakes, and rivers can benefit from air strippingIt is a no brainer that surface water from wetlands, lakes, swamps and rivers need to be replenished during times of drought. If groundwater is available, it mitigates the need to overly rely on these surface water sources. Moreover, groundwater is used to recharge these vital ecosystems.

Air Stripping Technology

Air stripping technology is designed to remove 99.9% of chemicals that cause groundwater contamination. Contaminated water is allowed to enter through the top of the air stripper. Millions of air bubbles are then forced by a blower pressure through perforated trays. This vigorously aerates the water to froth and in the process removes volatile organic chemicals or VOCs as gravity pulls the water down through each tray.

Air stripping is cost effective and practical. It negates the need of having to transport the contaminated water to a treatment facility for decontamination. It is cost effective and is available in a number of different sizes to suit the scenario.